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promotional shopping bags

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China promotional shopping bags supplier and manufacturer

Promotional bags are the most popular promotional items over the world.

As we know: Bag = Business, business live on promotion, so bag + promotion is the best partner. Some promotional bags are given for free on street, that require a big quantity & big budget. So we recommend cheap but popular option. Some promotional bags are given only after you have business with a store or a company, for example you spent 25 dollars to buy a T-shirt, the seller would give you a beautiful promotional shopping bags to put the T-shirt into or just to be an exact gift.
Compared with other promotional items, promotional bags have a lot of advantages:

On the shopping bags, we can print anything you want, no matter it’s only single color or full color image design. That not only shown your logo or company’s name, but also shown your business culture and soul. Of cause you normally need a professional advertising & design company to make it happen. Promotional towel or promotional pen can’t offer that.
For different customer group, choice different promotional bags:

Owned a food store? Cooler bag would be a good choice. No matter your products are freezed or just cooked, cooler bags keep the temperature, after several hours the foods are still fresh. Besides that, anytime your customer reuse your bags, they will see your logo, and probably plan to buy from you again.